Terry Vosbein

A Prayer for Peace

Instrumentationstring orchestra and small orchestra versions both available
Length5-6 minutes

When great tragedies unfold...people react in individual manners.

I sat in shock watching the surreal story unfold on television. I watched along with much of the world as the World Trade Center Towers burned and then collapsed. I watched the flaming hole in the side of the Pentagon in horror. I saw thousands of people die before my eyes.

I sat numb for a week, far from the United States, alone in my apartment in Oxford, where I had gone to compose a cello concerto. My mind was far from the concerto, far from music. I tried to put pen to paper but nothing happened.

It was after a week of numbness that my feelings found their voice...this composition...this prayer. Once I began composing it seemed to flow from my pen, as naturally as the feelings that surged through my body. It had to be born.

I offer this composition as my personal prayer...a prayer for a peaceful world...a world where there is no place for hatred or violence...a world in which religions recognize the overwhelming similarities that far overshadow their minor differences.

When great tragedies unfold...people react in individual manners.

This is my reaction.

Terry Vosbein
Oxford, England
September 2001

SourcesFree download of score, parts and MP3 file at: http://www.vosbein.com/prayer.htm
You can contact the composer at: terry@vosbein.com, website http://www.vosbein.com
HistorySince it's composition last fall this work had been performed all over the world, including England, Israel, Brasil, Germany and China, as well as all over the United States.
ContributorThe composer, Terry Vosbein
Associate Professor of Music
Washington and Lee University
Lexington, VA 24450

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