Robert J. Frank

About the Ninth Hour

InstrumentationSolo Violin, Vn. I, Ib, II, IIb, Va, Solo Vc., Vc, DB, and Timpani
Length5-6 minutes
DifficultyModerate (Solo parts have expressive, exposed solos, all others are late highschool/early college level. Use of Gliss., Jete, and some Lutoslawski style repeated phrases, but it was easily read by a moderate level university group. A good introduction to these performance techniques)
CommentsHarmonically - Basically modal with increased dissonance at the climax. Rhythmically - Simple Adagio String parts, except solos. Part of a set of works based on the Passion Story in Mark, this work focuses on the final moments before the death of Christ, the earthquake that occured (Timpani!) and the "giving up of the ghost".
Sourcesfor Score/Parts: EMail: Rob Frank, 2330 Castle Rock Road, Carrollton, TX 75007
ExtrasTape of premiere available March 1995
HistoryWritten in 1989 on Maunday Thurs. -Good Friday. Premiere Feb. 1995- Richardson Symphony, Anshel Bruslow, Con.
ContributorThe composer, Robert J. Frank, ASCAP

For the Oppressed

Instrumentation2,2,2,2, 4,2,3,1 2 Percussionists, Strings (Flute 2 doubles on Picc.)
Length9 Minutes
DifficultyModerate to Advanced
CommentsBased on a Kyrie, this 1987 work was inspired after a friends trip to the former USSR in 1986, and the tales of conditions there. As per my typical style, there is a mixture of Lutoslawski-style repeated figures and standard, metered music. Middle section has quite a few meter changes. Opens and closes quietly.
Sourcesfor Score/Parts: EMail: Rob Frank, 2330 Castle Rock Road, Carrollton, TX 75007
ExtrasStudy Score and Tape are available.
HistoryWinner of the 1988 Chicago Symphony Assn. Young American Composers Reading Session. Public taping by the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, Kenneth Jean, Con. John Corigliano, Supervising Composer.
ContributorThe composer, Robert J. Frank, ASCAP

In the Upper Room

InstrumentationWW:2,2,2,0 BR:2,2,2,0 2 Perc (vibes,timp., asst.) Strings
Length9 minutes
DifficultyModerate, University Level. Oboe solos.
Commentsthe companion work to About the Ninth Hour (previously submitted) Based on a Hebrew Folksong, "Hena ma tov." Jeff Harrington said: "This is definitely the most impressively orchestrated piece I've heard from a new composer in a long time!" (Thanks, Jeff!)
Sourcesfor Score/Parts: EMail: Rob Frank, 2330 Castle Rock Road, Carrollton, TX 75007
ExtrasTape, Study Score are available
HistoryWritten for Claren McQueen, The New Immigrant Orchestra of Jerusalem and the Christian Embassy, Jerusalem, Israel.Premiered April, 1993 as the winning work of the UNT Orcestra Composition Contest, by the UNT Symphony Orchestra, Ron Cummings, Dir.
ContributorThe composer, Robert J. Frank, ASCAP

Voice on Many Waters: Concertpiece for Solo Tuba and Orchestra

Instrumentation2,2,2,1 4,2,2, solo Tuba 2 Ast. Perc., Timp., Strings
Length15 Minutes ca
DifficultyModerate Orchestral Parts, College Level/Community Orchestra + Solo Tuba Part is idiomatic but challenging.
CommentsThis work is in two movements connected by a solo cadenza. The first mvt. is free, with a dramatic theme in the solo over "rippling water-like" passages in the orchestra. Mvt. II features the soloist and ensemble in a musical thunderstorm, with brilliant chords punctuating the melodic themes in a fast, changing-meter environment. Tonal language mixes triadic accomp. with 12-tone themes/motives. Some very simple "Lutoslawski-like" repeated figures are used in the orchestra. A great showpiece for both soloist and orchestra.
Sourcesfor Score/Parts: Robert J. Frank (ASCAP), 2330 Castle Rock Road, Carrollton, TX 75007, EMail:
Contributorthe composer

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