Robert J. Bradshaw

Symphonic Essay No. 1 "Three Died for Peace"

Instrumentation3222, 4231, T+3, piano, strings and narrator
CommentsThis work represents the immediate, and overwhelming, emotional reaction I had when I first heard the news of these events. Based on a pitch set consisting of two steps and a half-step, the work skirts the boundaries of tonality and atonality. The overall structure is founded on a simple chaconne, interrupted by fugal sections and a falling sequence. The complete score (PDF) is available at the websites listed under sources.
HistoryNOTES: (from the score)


The negotiating team of Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Robert C. Frasure, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Dr. Joseph J. Kruzel and Colonel Samuel Nelson Drew of the National Security Council notified Washington that they would travel to Sarajevo over the notorious Mount Igman road � the only way to demonstrate their independence from Belgrade and Pale � �the most dangerous road in Europe� (Dick Holbrooke).

It was on this road that the envoys, on a mission to bring a diplomatic peace plan for Bosnia, died for the people of a country, halfway around the world, ravaged by civil war.

These three men gave their lives in the pursuit of peace.

Let us not forget their sacrifice.
ContributorRobert J. Bradshaw

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