Richard G. Smith [arr]

Salvation is Created by Pavel Chesnokov

InstrumentationFlutes, Clarinets, Bassoons, 4 horns, trombones, strings
Length3 minutes
CommentsThis wonderful Russian choral piece has been set for orchestra by Richard G. Smith. The music could be performed by school groups but is musically substantial enough to be used by professional groups as well.

The technical challenges are not great but the musical and expressive abilites of both the conductor and the musicians are what make this piece either average or extremely profound.

SourcesThe music must be ordered directly from the publisher at . The web address for the piece is:
Extrasyou may see and hear the music at
HistorySalvation is Created was first published in 1913. Many vocal editions have been made since then. It has been set for wind band since about 1950. With this edition, the orchestra also has the opportunity to experience this wonderful music.
ContributorRichard Smith
Director of Bands
Northwest Classen H.S.
R.G. Smith Music Publishing & Engraving

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