Randall Davidson

The Young Lutheran's Guide to the Orchestra

Instrumentation2(picc).2(EH).2.2- (
Length25 minutes
Difficultymoderate to professional (suggested minimum rehearsals: 2)
CommentsFantasia based on two hymns (Jesus Loves Me and Beautiful Savior), it provides a caution to young people -- and especially young Lutherans -- why they should not pursue a career in orchestras. Tonal music appropriate for family and educational concerts. Text appears in Keillor's "We are Still Married."
SourcesRandall Davidson / Boys Art Music / 721 SE 6th St / Minneapolis, MN USA 55414 or
email: davidson@augsburg.edu
FAX: 612.378.9389.
website: http://www.boysartmusic.com.
HistoryCommissioned by Garrison Keillor, cablecast on the Disney Channel, recorded on Virgin Classics and High Bridge Records, performed dozens of times by orchestras in the USA and Europe. Performed regularly with and without Mr. Keillor (who can be reached at Minnesota Public Radio: 612.290.1500).
ContributorRandall Davidson, the composer.

Mexico-Bolivar Tango

Length5 minutes
Difficultycommunity orchestra or better
CommentsTwo towns in central Missouri (Mexico and BOLL-ih-ver) have very different personalities -- I should know since I grew up in that area. Mexico is home to the Spring District Music Festival of public school music ensembles. Bolivar has a VFW hall, but no music festival. This piece depicts the humorous and ultimately happy dance that takes between the salon tango of Mexico and the bumptious C&W fiddle tunes of Bolivar. The orchestra is required to "dip" their instruments as they would a dance partner on the floor.
Sourceswebsite: http://www.boysartmusic.com.
HistoryThis piece was commissioned by the Singing Wilderness Festival (Cary John Franklin, director) in Ely, Minnesota on the Canadian border! Performances throughout the midwestern U.S.
ContributorComposer-publisher, Randall Davidson

Black and Blues

Instrumentation1.2.1.2- (6 5 4 3 2)
Length21 minutes
DifficultyModerate to professional difficulty. Last chair 2nd violin solo in the middle movement; horn parts exposed in the last movement.
CommentsWork is inspired by texts of naturalist and anthropologist Loren Eiseley. Movement titles from chapter titles: I. Dancing with Cranes, II. Willy, III. Judgment of the Birds. The work was commissioned by a Minnesota couple for their daughters. This is the first orchestral work by the composer.
SourcesBoys Art Music is the publisher: http://www.boysartmusic.com.
HistoryPerformed more than two dozen times by the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra 1984-89; conductors were Oliver Knussen (premiere), Joel Revsen, Enrique Demeque. Ume=E5 (Sweden) Sinfonietta performance conducted by Philip Brunelle. Nebraska Chamber Orchesra performance conducted by George Hanson.
ContributorThe composer, Randall Davidson. Address: 721 SE 6th St, Minneapolis MN 55414 USA. Email: davidson@augsburg.edu PHONE: 612.331.3168 FAX: 612.378.9389

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