Philip Aker

Totem Poles of the Northwest (Version 1.0)

InstrumentationFlute, Clarinet, Percussion (Timpani, Vibes, Marimba (one player)), Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello.
DifficultyEasy to moderate, requires good ensemble awareness.
CommentsA musical impression of a few of the moods inspired by totem poles encountered in British Columbia. There are 5 movements suitable for ballet or modern dance intepretation:
Maestoso - male solo, the shaman
Scherzando - female solo, the enticement
Deciso - male solo with corps, the hunter(s)
Giocoso - female solo with corps*, the playful otters
Amoroso - duet with corps, the lovers * Especially suitable for childrens chorus (RAD Grade IV equivalent and up).
SourcesScore and parts available from the composer.
Philip Aker SOCAN
Address: Suite 13
1405 West 11 Avenue
Vancouver BC

Telephone: (604) 739-0712
ExtrasCassette tape of Midi rendering available with the score.
HistoryNew work.
ContributorThe composer.

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