Peter Castine


Instrumentation 3.(3 Pic.)3.3.(2 Bs.Cl., 3 E-flat Cl.)3.(3 Dbl.Bas.) 2 Perc., Hrp. Pno. Strings
DifficultyChallenging rhythms for all (even the poor tuba:).
CommentsNon-vocal setting of the first mvt. of the Mass. Atonal, extensive development of a single, 3-note chord. A through-composed accelerando.
Sourcescomposer e-mail: post: Dr. Peter Castine Wildganssteig 28 D-13503 Berlin Germany
HistoryWorld Premiere June 23, 1978; with the Siegerland Orchester, Patrick-Paul Walliser, conductor. Recorded and broadcast by Westdeutsche Rundfunk
ContributorComposer (see sources)

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