Merton Shatzkin


Instrumentationpicc., 2 fl., 2 ob., 2 cl., 2 bn.,4 hn.,2 tr., 2 tbn., tba,strings, glock.,triangle,snare,cymbals,timp.
Length11 minutes' duration.
Difficultyonly a low solo tuba note. Otherwise, straightforward with no fast notes or challenging rhythm.
Commentsrelatively dissonant, but not generally harsh. Melodic and sustained. Thick and thin textures alternate.
Historywritten 1985. Premiere Kansas City Symphony (reading concert) 1995.
Contributorthe composer

In Memoriam

Instrumentation2222 2230 strings, timp
Length8 minutes' duration.
Difficultyno difficult parts. A fairly long clarinet solo at the beginning and end.
Commentscombination of Schoenberg, Stravinsky, and Ives. Hidden quotes from Sousa and Hatikvah. The work is a memorial for a recently deceased clarinettist who met Sousa.
HistoryWritten in 1994. Premiered 1994 by the Medical Arts Symphony (Kansas City)
Contributorthe composer

Short Suite

Instrumentation2222 4220, strings
LengthDuration 7 minutes.
Difficultya short passage for trumpets and some odd meters--otherwise easily playable by a community orchestra.
Commentsat times, Stravinskian. The movements are called Fare for Fans, Nocturne, and Ancient Dance. The second movement requires scordatura (all strings) for half of the violins, violas, and celli.
SourcesScores available from me; Also a tape of Mirrors.
HistoryWritten in 1997. Premiered by the Medical Arts Symphony 1997.
ContributorMerton Shatzkin

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