Matthew Davidson

NICLKETTES: A Children's Suite for Orchestra

Instrumentation2,2,2,2; 2,2,2,0; Harp;Timpani, 2 Percussionists; Strings
Length7-8' (7 short movements)
DifficultyFairly easy - designed for community or youth orchestras
CommentsExtremely accessible. Doesn't require a long attention span (like Bruckner's 8th - although Bruckner is a personal favorite). Each movement is a pastiche of a different American folk style (e.g. Funeral March, Musette, Waltz, Cowboy Song, Blues, Ragtime, and Tango) although there are no quotations per se. Each mov't is inspired by a different geographical location in the United States.
SourcesMatthew Davidson ( or you may leave a message at
HistoryAn 1997 orchestration of a 1996 children's suite for piano. The orchestral piece has not yet been performed, although the piano suite will be premiered by the composer at a Dame Myra Hess Concert in Chicago sometime between now and 2000 (concert date has yet to be finalized).
ContributorMatthew Davidson

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