Mark Kilstofte

Recurring Dreams: Variations for Orchestra

Length14 minutes
CommentsRecurring Dreams: Variations for Orchestra received the ASCAP Foundation/Rudolph Nissim Award (1997) and was premiered on January 30, 1998 by the Oakland East Bay Symphony under the direction of Michael Morgan. Also featured at the Bowling Green State University's 18th Annual Festival of New Music and Art.

Features Canonic Berceuse, First Recurrence, Second Recurrence, etc., ... Eighth Recurrence, Slumber Song and Revelation. All sections proceed without pause. The eight variations, or recurrences, proceed at brisk tempo, each one both faster and slightly longer (real time) than its predecessor. More indicative of R.E.M. than of undisturbed slumber. Dedicated to Leslie Bassett.

SourcesScore (study or full size), tape, and parts available from the composer at:
Mark Kilstofte/The Newmatic Press
900 North Main Street
No. 15
Greenville, SC 29609
864.294.3035 (fax)
ExtrasThe San Francisco Chronicle: "...a superb world premiere..." " exciting and beautiful score, full of rhythmic vitality and sonic invention."

The Oakland Tribune: "Mark Kilstofte's 'Recurring Dreams: Variations for Orchestra,' seems to be a significant addition to the orchestral repertoire." "...Kilstofte evokes the tender sentiments of a lullaby with such distinction that it scarcely seems possible that such sentiments have all but disappeared from late 20th-century concert music."

The Montclarion: " intriguing and well-developed piece of music that entices a listener with its broad design and enigmatic conclusion."

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ContributorMark Kilstofte, composer Associate Professor of Theory and Composition Furman University

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