Mark G. Simon

Homeward Angels

InstrumentationSolo bassoon, orch. (2221, 22, timp., pno., strgs.)
Lengthca. 6:00
DifficultyModerate difficulty for soloist; orchestra part very easy for professionals. Transparent scoring, including string solos in high registers. Could be handled effectively by school orchestras with strong first desk players.
CommentsLyrical, tonal, basically "pops" in style, but not lacking in "serious" thematic treatment. Light but not "lite".
SourcesScores and parts may be had from the composer: Mark G. Simon, email or write to: 26 Lee Rd., Dryden, NY 13053. (607) 844-4873 (H), (607) 255-5752 (W)
HistoryWritten for and dedicated to bassoonist Ronald N. Bukoff. First performed Dec. 21, 1991 by Ronald Bukoff with the Redlands Civic Orchestra, Jing-Yu Lou, conductor, Redlands, California.
ContributorThe composer, Mark G. Simon.

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