John David Lamb

Song & Dance

Instrumentationsolo horn; flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, timpani, strings
CommentsTonal, melody-driven style. Lyrical "Song;" rhythmically active "Dance." A challenging solo horn part.
SourcesScore and parts available for sale from the composer: Perusal score, program notes, and recording available on request.
HistoryPremiered 2007 by Philharmonia NW (Seattle)
Mark Robbins, horn; Roupen Shakarian, conductor
ContributorJohn David Lamb, ASCAP

Barney & the Kidnappers

String orchestra
Difficultymedium to difficult
CommentsThis is a story piece appropriate for children approximately 8 to 12. It concerns a boy who plays the violin very badly and a girl who plays the cello very well. The principal violin and cello players assume these roles, and their parts are demanding.
SourcesScore and parts available from the composer:
Recording available on request.
HistoryCommissioned by Northwest Chamber Orchestra and premiered 1975 in Seattle. For the next two years it was taken on tour to school concerts in the Seattle area and broadcast on educational TV Channel 13 in Tacoma. Louis Richmond, conductor; various narrators.
ContributorJohn David Lamb, ASCAP

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