Jeff Harrington


InstrumentationChamber Orchestra: WW5 + SQ
Length11 minutes
DifficultyHorn part moderately difficult
CommentsThe piece is chromatic tonal using jazz/blues dissonances. Very contrapuntal and rhythmic, it has string parts inspired by bluegrass fiddlers. The sound may remind listeners of Stravinsky's Dumbarton Oaks Concerto except with bluegrass/jazz/blues influences. Like all of Harrington's recent music it employs counterpoint as both a developmental device and as a climaxing device, producing a sound world akin to late Bartok, but with American musical influences. It has several very exciting climaxes.
SourcesScore available at in music/scores/harrington/Chawswizzler in PostScript format. Parts upon request. Tape upon request. Author's address: or write 442 Sixth St., Brooklyn, NY 11215, (718)-965-3780.
ExtrasMIDI file available at in pub/MIDI/SONGS/MISC/ChawSwiz.mid.
HistoryYet to be premiered, written at the request of Fred Liden of the Stockholm Academic Orchestra and for the Museum in the Community Nonet Composition Contest.
Contributorthe composer, Jeff Harrington

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