Jay Vosk


Lengthc.10:00 min.
CommentsStyle:tonal,'neo-impressionistic', lyrical. This work is accessable to the average concert-goer and challenging (yet not too challenging) to the orchestra members.
SourcesScores,parts and tapes available from composer. Send to:
snail mail: Jay Vosk
1416 E.10th Street
Tucson, AZ 85719
ph: (520) 623-1331
HistoryFirst Performed:July 1993 in Lake Placid, N.Y. by Lake Placid Sinfonietta conducted by Robert Bernhardt. Later performed Feb. 5th and 7th 1994 in Tucson, AZ by the Tucson Symphony Chamber Orch., Robert Bernhardt, Conductor.
ContributorJay Vosk Associate Professor of Music Pima Community College Tucson,AZ 85719

Azscapes for Native American Flute and Chamber Orchestra

Instrumentationfl,/pic., fl., ob., cl., bssn., hn. in f, bfl.tpt., tbn., 1 perc., Native American Flute Solo, Strings.
Lengthc. 20 min.
Difficultymoderately difficult.
CommentsThe work is modal and is based on motives derived from Navaho-Ute Flute music. The piece is also loosely programmatic. It is is three movements. Each movement describes a locale in Arizona:1. Grasslands 2. Running the Mesa 3. Monument.
SourcesE-Mail: JayVosk@earthlink.net
Snail-mail: Jay Vosk
1416 East 10th Street
Tucson, AZ 85719
(520) 623-1331
HistoryThe work was commissioned by the Catalina Chamber Orchestra, Enrique Lazansky music dir. with R.Carlos Nakai Native American Flute soliost. Azscapes was premiered in March of 1995. It received two performances, both of which were very well attended
Contributorthe composer, Jay Vosk

Sound Remembrances

InstrumentationStandard orchestral string section or chamber orchestra string section
Lengthc. 10 minutes
DifficultyFrom a technical standpoint, the work is of moderate difficulty.The piece, however, requires a high degree of intense, expressive playing.
CommentsThe work was inspired by the TWA Flight 800 disaster. The work is tonal, in the post modern sense as well as lyrical. All and all, I would say the work is rather accessable.
SourcesA perusal score is available from the composer. snail mail:
Jay Vosk
1416 East 10th Street
Tucson,AZ 85719
EMail: JayVosk@earthlink.net
Web Page: http://JayVosk.com
ExtrasThere is a taped midi version available that gives one an adequate idea of what the piece sounds like.
HistoryThe work may be performed this summer in Arizona.
ContributorThe composer, Jay Vosk


Instrumentationpic,.2fl.,2 ob. Eb cl, 2 Bb clar, 2 bssn. 4 hns, 3 tpts, 3 tbn, tba, timp., 4 percussion, strings
Lengthc. 9 min
Difficultychallenging in spots.
CommentsI set about writing this piece in a rather unapologetic manner. This energetic and playfull piece was, as the title might suggest, inspired by Strauss?s ?Till Eulenspiegel. The piece is based on the chromatic pitches A-A#-B which are pretty pervasive throughout. These pitches also function, amongs other things as a springboards to several musical episodes. As the piece proceeds, the episodes become more and more bizarre. These episodes include ?hot Jazz? inserts, a bit of Prokofiev, a Viennese Waltz tidbit, a ?Soft Shoe? and a ?Rhumba?. There is, of course also a brief reference to ?Till?.
SourcesMP3 and Realaudio of MIDI samples available at my website: http://JayVosk.com.
Perusal scores available from composer as are the parts, e-mail JayVosk@earthlink.net.
HistoryNone other than I had a great time writing it.
ContributorJay Vosk, Composer

Running The Rim

Instrumentationpicc.2/2/2/2/ 4/3/3/1 timp. 2 perc strings
Length6:30 min.
DifficultyModerate. The wind parts are more challenging than the string parts. The wind parts are appropriate for any good amateur player. The string parts don't go above a 3-line 'E'.
CommentsA fine orchestral overture for a community or college orchestra. The piece is tonal and lyrical, thus quite accessable to players and audiences alike. In Running The Rim I try to convey to the listener the thrill of running along the rim of the Grand Canyon in Northern Arizona. The piece, written in 2003 is looking for its first few performances.
SourcesScores and MIDI tapes are available from composer.
Jay Vosk
1416 East 10th Street
Tucson, AZ 85719
Website with sound sample: http://JayVosk.com
Email: JayVosk@earthlink.net
HistoryPiece still 'looking for a good home'.
ContributorJay Vosk, Composer

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