George M. Hoyt

Symphony I

InstrumentationPicc-2-2-2-Bcl-2/4-3-3-1/timp -3perc (5 players)- Strings
Length45 minutes (approx)
CommentsThis symphony is quite tonal in character. The first movement uses many quartal structures and the second movement makes use of the Phrygian and Lydian modes but for the most part the work is tertian and very tonal. It is in four movements.

The overall style has been compared to such composers as Sibelius and Mahler. I make no such comparisons myself and leave that part to others.

The work is best suited to a general concert of late romantic music and was composed for that purpose and intended to be the entire second half of a concert - thus the length!

Of note would be the need for a very accomplished timpanist and tuba player. The work was written for a specific orchestra and written to their strengths as well as some of their weaknesses.

SourcesScore and parts are available from the Fleisher Collection in Philadelphia, or via Hoyt Editions. The work is BMI registered and standard BMI performance fees are the only costs involved with the performance.
ExtrasNone at this time.
HistorySymphony I was composed for the South East Symphony which was in Ketchikan, Alaska. I was living in Juneau Alaska at the time. It was to be premiered in April of 1988 but the orchestra disbanded before then.

In May 1992 the second and fourth movements received their premier performance by the Anchorage Civic Orchestra. In 1995 the second movement was performed by the Boeing Orchestra of Flight with the composer conducting.

After a few revisions, the work was premiered by the Pacific Lutheran University Symphony Orchestra on May 6, 2008.

ContributorGeorge M. Hoyt, MM
Composer, Conductor, Publisher

Preamble and Dancing Tune

InstrumentationString Orchestra
LengthSix and 1/2 minutes
DifficultyGrade 3
CommentsThis work is very tonal in nature and in two distinct sections. The first is a very warm, almost lullaby like section. The second half is a rather tongue-in-cheek dance piece that has a very light if not slightly irreverent character.

This piece would be perfect for family concerts and school concerts. A programatic story line is provided for it if one is desired.
SourcesScore and parts are currently available through Hoyt Editions but shortly an edition will be issued by Fountain Park Music of Dubuque, Iowa. Hoyt Editions can be found at or by sending email to

The composer can also be contacted directly at
ExtrasA CD recording of a MIDI realization (Sibelius 4) is available from Hoyt Editions.
HistoryThe work was written for the Dubuque Community String Orchestra, Tracey Rush, conductor. It received its world premier performance with that ensemble on April 16th, 2007 in Dubuque, Iowa under the baton of the composer.

The work has also been performed by the Bellingham High School Senior Orchestra of Bellingham, Washington under the baton of their director Mark Schlichting.
ContributorGeorge M. Hoyt
Composer, Conductor

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