David Rubinstein

Chopsticks Variations

InstrumentationPiano and Orchestra
Length11 mins.
DifficultyModerate difficulty.
CommentsThis is a tonal composition which would work nicely on either a regular or pops program. Composer is available as soloist.
SourcesAvailable from the composer: musicus@pacbell.net
HistoryUnpremiered as of March 2002.
Contributorthe composer.

Short Piece with Tango Inside

Length4 mins
CommentsShort Piece with Tango Inside is one of five short pieces comprising a collection entitled Curious Assortment, originally for piano and composed between 1998 and 2002. The pieces in this collection are a kind of program music, meant to represent the peculiarity of the subconscious world rather than reality. (The other pieces are: The Ping Pong Prelude, February 29th Birthday Waltz, Sorry Wrong Cabaret and Sleepwalking in Los Angeles.)

A few changes were made to the original piano version of Short Piece with Tango Inside which were incorporated into its orchestration in 2002. The piece begins with various short, conversational motifs against an ostinato accompaniment. A tango inexplicably appears on the scene and promptly departs as the opening ostinato reappears. Of the tango itself, it is up to the listener to decide its raison d'etre.

SourcesThe composer
HistoryUnpremiered as of March 2002
ContributorThe composer

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