David Gaines

Trombone Concerto (2009)

Instrumentation4 flutes, 2 trombones, bass trombone, timpani, metallic percussion, strings, solo trombone (doubling on euphonium in the 3rd movement)
DifficultyOrchestra: easy for most advanced high school or average college orchestras
Solo trombone: difficult, covers a 3 1/2 octave range from pedal C to high E
CommentsThis piece was written specifically for the 60th anniversary of the P. J. Veyvanovsky Conservatory, Kromeriz, Czech Republic, in September 2009 =and for trombone soloist Robert Kozanek (principal trombone, Czech Philarmonic Orchestra), a Veyvanovsky alumnus. There was to be a handful of =rehearsals, the occasion was to be very celebratory, and the audience would be a mix of parents/family members/friends/general public, and not terribly =familiar with contemporary music.

Therefore, the score had to be fairly transparent and the orchestral parts comparatively simple. The style is clearly modern, with a variety of =textures and influences, but stays fairly traditional.

The solo trombonist for the premiere performance was a virtuoso player and requested a rather difficult and challenging solo part.

The work is in four movements, the 2nd being a scherzo and the 3rd a slow, expressive movement that has the solo trombonist switch to =euphonium (at the soloist's request).

Overall, this would be a good programming choice for a university, community, or regional semi-pro orchestra that wants to play something =contemporary that will showcase a particularly good trombone player.
SourcesComposer's website: http://www.davidgainesmusic.com

Composer's email: davidrgaines@gmail.com
ExtrasVideos of premiere performance: http://www.youtube.com/davidrgaines
HistoryCommissioned by Robert Kozanek (see comments)

World premiere: September 25 & 26, 2009, Assembly Hall, Archbishop's castle, Kromeriz, Czech Republic - P. J. Veyvanovsky Conservatory =Symphony Orchestra, Robert Kozanek (trombone & euphonium), Viktor Kozanek (conductor)
ContributorDr. David Gaines
Verda Stelo Music

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