Charles Pizer

"Manhattan Impressions (Homage to Gershwin)"

Instrumentationorchestra fl (I, II, III -- with III doubling on picc); ob (I, II); Eng. hn; cl (I, II); bass-cl; bn (I, II); hn (I, II, III, IV); tpt (I, II, III); tbn (I, II); tuba; tymp; perc (full battery); pno/celesta; hp; vn (I & II); va; vnc; dbl-bass
Lengthca. 10-12 minutes
CommentsA tribute to Gershwin, "Manhattan Impressions" is built upon lush melodies & harmonies which, though original, bear a Gershwin-esque flavor. Written as a suite in one extended movement, the sections are jazzy, sultry, & highly spirited. For programming, the piece is versatile in that it would be appropriate for many performance situations. It is also particularly well-suited for orchestral "pops" programming, as well as for any concerts whose repertoire includes music by Gershwin. And with Gershwin's centenary coming up in 1998 (centenary celebrations of the "Gershwin legacy" have already begun), the timing is especially appropriate for programming Pizer's "Manhattan Impressions (Homage to Gershwin)"
Sourcesscore, parts, & a performance tape are available directly from the composer -- CHARLES PIZER e-mail: or
Historyrecorded by the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Vladimir Valek; scheduled for release on CD during 1996
ContributorElizabeth Hayden Pizer

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