The Orchestralist New Music Catalog

Alphabetical list by composer

Lee Actor - Celebration Overture
Lee Actor - Circus Symphonicus
Lee Actor - Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra
Lee Actor - Concerto for Horn and Orchestra
Lee Actor - Concerto for Timpani and Orchestra
Lee Actor - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra
Lee Actor - Dance Rhapsody
Lee Actor - Divertimento for Small Orchestra
Lee Actor - Meditation for Violin and Orchestra
Lee Actor - Opening Remarks
Lee Actor - Prelude to a Tragedy
Lee Actor - Redwood Fanfare
Lee Actor - Symphony No. 1
Lee Actor - Symphony No. 2
Lee Actor - Variations and Fugue for Orchestra
Philip Aker - Totem Poles of the Northwest (Version 1.0)
Adrienne Albert - Boundaries
Adrienne Albert - Courage
Adrienne Albert - Western Suite
Karen Amrhein - Event Horizon
Karen Amrhein - Hamilton Street Concerto
Karen Amrhein - Little Nemo in Slumberland
Karen Amrhein - Missa humanis
Karen Amrhein - Piano Concerto
Karen Amrhein - Semi-Suite
Karen Amrhein - Serenade
Karen Amrhein - Symphony of Seasons
Leroy Anderson - Overture from "GOLDILOCKS"
Leroy Anderson - The Pussy Foot Ballet (from "Goldilocks")
Elinor Armer - The Great Instrument of the GEGGERETS, for narrator and orchestra - Text, Ursula Le Guin
David Avshalomov - Elegy for Srings
Jesse Ayers - ...and they gathered on Mount Carmel
Jesse Ayers - Dance of the Mountain Raindrops
Jesse Ayers - Fanfare for Christmas Morning
Jesse Ayers - Jericho
Jesse Ayers - Rachel Weeping for her Children: September 11, 2001
Jesse Ayers - The Fire of the Living God
Jesse Ayers - The Incantations of the Prophets of Baal
Jesse Ayers - The Passion of John Brown
Jesse Ayers - The Prayer of Elijah
Jesse Ayers - Veni Emmanuel
Bruce Babcock - Event Horizon
Jacques Bailhe - Dance No. 10 - If the Dragon Could Speak - The Dragon In Love Suite
Jacques Bailhe - Dance No. 4 - Can A Dragon Love - The Dragon In Love Suite
Jacques Bailhe - The Dragon in Love Suite - Dances for Orchestra and Chorus
Rami Bar-Niv - Blue-Rag
Rami Bar-Niv - Israeli Suite for strings
Rami Bar-Niv - Longing for my Father - a song cycle
Rami Bar-Niv - Toccata
Jason V. Barabba - Curious Squid
Jason V. Barabba - Study in Orange
Greg Bartholomew - Suite for String Orchestra
Greg Bartholomew - Summer Suite
Greg Bartholomew - Symphonic Ode No. 1: On the Ground Where We Live
Greg Bartholomew - The Far North Land: Passages for String Orchestra
Todd Barton - Shadow Teachings
Dennis Bathory-Kitsz - Fanfare:Heat
Dennis Bathory-Kitsz - Icecut
Dennis Bathory-Kitsz - Jameo y el Delfin Mareado
Dennis Bathory-Kitsz - Mirrored Birds
Dennis Bathory-Kitsz - Sourian Slide
James A. Beckel, Jr - A Christmas Fanfare
James A. Beckel, Jr - Fantasy after Schubert
James A. Beckel, Jr - Gardens of Stone
James A. Beckel, Jr - Liberty for All
James A. Beckel, Jr - Toccata for Orchestra
Brian Belanger - Tuskegee Airmen Suite
Lauren Bernofsky - Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra
Lauren Bernofsky - Five Songs on Poems of Robert Herrick
Lauren Bernofsky - Ode to a Forgotten Past
Charles Roland Berry - Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra
Charles Roland Berry - Concerto for Two Guitars and Symphony Orchestra
Charles Roland Berry - Veery Thrush with Cedars
Albert Biales - Reflections on Three Stage Designs by Marc Chagall
Robert J. Bradshaw - Symphonic Essay No. 1 "Three Died for Peace"
Noah Braun - Bird of Prey, Op. 135
Patrick Cardy - Avalon
Patrick Cardy - Chaconne
Patrick Cardy - Dreams of the Sídhe
Patrick Cardy - Et in Arcadia ego
Patrick Cardy - Fhir a Bhata: The Boatman
Patrick Cardy - La Folia
Patrick Cardy - Serenade
Patrick Cardy - Virelai
Delvyn Case - Rocket Sleigh
Peter Castine - Kyrie
Richard Chiarappa - "Just Ourselves" (for the Lincoln Bi-Centennial from the musicals "Lincoln & Booth")
Richard Chiarappa - A Broadway Birthday
Richard Chiarappa - Noah's National Language
Richard Chiarappa - Paean to The Scholar, The Athlete and The Artist
Richard Chiarappa - Romp for Symphony Orchestra and (Celebrity) Triangulist
Richard Chiarappa - The Gettysburg Address
Richard Chiarappa - Uncle Sal's Cello
Allen Cohen - Autumn Morning
Allen Cohen - Blue Mountain Lake
Allen Cohen - Voices of Earth and Sky
Stephen Cohn - American Folk Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra
Stephen Cohn - Anticipation of Light
Stephen Cohn - Finale, from Two Together, an American Folk Music Suite
Anthony Cornicello - Chamber Concerto
Matthew Davidson - NICLKETTES: A Children's Suite for Orchestra
Randall Davidson - Black and Blues
Randall Davidson - Mexico-Bolivar Tango
Randall Davidson - The Young Lutheran's Guide to the Orchestra
Nancy Bloomer Deussen - A Field In Pennsylvania
Nancy Bloomer Deussen - A Silver, Shining Strand
Nancy Bloomer Deussen - American Hymn
Nancy Bloomer Deussen - Ascent to Victory
Nancy Bloomer Deussen - Carmel-by-the Sea
Nancy Bloomer Deussen - Concerto for Clarinet and Small Orchestra
Nancy Bloomer Deussen - Reflections on the Hudson
Nancy Bloomer Deussen - The Peninsula Suite
David Dolatowski - Changing Tides
Daniel Dorff - The Tortoise and the Hare
Daniel Dorff - Three Fun Fables
Dale Dykins - Symphonic Suite
Jose Elizondo - Pan de Azucar
Brian Fennelly - "Sigol" for Strings
Brian Fennelly - Empirical Rag
Brian Fennelly - Fantasia Concertante
Brian Fennelly - Fantasy Variations
Brian Fennelly - Lunar Halos (Parasalenae)
Brian Fennelly - Reflections/Metamorhoses
Brian Fennelly - The Other Side of Time
Ross Fiddes - Three Negro Spirituals
Brian Thomas Field - A letter from Camp ("Come Up From the Fields, Father")
Brian Thomas Field - Shiva Tandava (Dance Suite for Orchestra)
Matthew H. Fields - Double Cluster
Matthew H. Fields - Sages of Chelm
Matthew H. Fields - Space Sciences
Robert J. Frank - About the Ninth Hour
Robert J. Frank - For the Oppressed
Robert J. Frank - In the Upper Room
Robert J. Frank - Voice on Many Waters: Concertpiece for Solo Tuba and Orchestra
Robert Wendel And Dana Friedman - A Chanukah Overture
Kenneth D. Froelich - Jefferson Rising
Kenneth D. Froelich - Pulse Mutations
David Gaines - Trombone Concerto (2009)
Herb Gellis - Allegro Sauvage, for timpani and orchestra
Herb Gellis - Duplex
Herb Gellis - Hymn for Strings
Herb Gellis - Short Symphony on Eastern Modes
Tarik Ghiradella - Cenotaph
Michael Gilbertson - Reflections on Rushmore
Kenneth Girard - "ASCENDANCE" for String Orchestra, Chamber String Orchestra, or String Quintet, Op. 18 (1996)
Enrique Gonzalez-Medina - Baja California and Altar
Mark Gresham - Magnificat
Mark Gresham - The Embrace
Mark Gustavson - Dissolving Images
Mark Gustavson - Silent Moon
Mark Gustavson - Waves
Scott Hale [arr] - Brassy Holidays
Jeff Harrington - Chawswizzler
Bruce Healey - A Caroling We Go! (for Children's Choir, Handbell Choir (optional) and Symphony Orchestra)
Bruce Healey - A Ragtime Romp (for Solo Piano, String Bass, Drum Set and Orchestra)
Bruce Healey - American Fantasy - A Tribute To The Patriotism Of George M. Cohan
Bruce Healey - Celebration Fanfare
Bruce Healey - Saints!!!
Bruce Healey - Three Chanukah Songs for Children's Choir and Orchestra
Anthony Philip Heinrich - The War of the Elements
Karl Henning - I Sang to the Sky, and Day Broke
Karl Henning - O Gracious Light (Phos Hilaron)
Howard Hersh - Early Harvests
Howard Hersh - Violin Concerto
Dorothy Hindman - Magic City
Gilad Hochman - A Voice in the Wilderness
Brian Holmes - Death's Jest-Book Overture
Brian Holmes - Trick or Treat!
Michael S. Horwood - Amusement Park Suite
Michael S. Horwood - Concerto for Double Bass and String Orchestra (1967, rev. 1988)
Michael S. Horwood - Do You Live for Weekends?
Michael S. Horwood - National Park Suite
Michael S. Horwood - Symphony No. 1
Michael S. Horwood - Three Interludes
John Raymond Howell - Suite in Five Moods
George M. Hoyt - Preamble and Dancing Tune
George M. Hoyt - Symphony I
Lance Hulme - "The Good Morrow", for Baritone and orchestra
Lance Hulme - Stargazing
Lance Hulme - Stealing Fire
Lovell Ives [arr] - Radio Days
Anthony Linden Jones - Breuddwyd - Dream for orchestra
Anthony Linden Jones - Fiddle Mass
Anthony Linden Jones - Hawkesbury Anthem
Anthony Linden Jones - Steel Point
Samuel Jones - Symphony no.3 (Palo Duro Canyon)
Steven Karidoyanes - Cafe Neon: Fantasy on Greek Songs and Dances
Michael Karmon - ...And The Rhythm Is Just A Little Bit Off...
Christopher Kaufman - Island ('eeslahnd')
Christopher Kaufman - Rieppelmusic
Christopher Kaufman - The Phoenix
Michael Kaulkin - Letter To Hungary
Michael Kaulkin - Misterium Tremendum
David Kechley - KARASUMA: A Fast Funk for Orchestra
David Kechley - Tuahku: A Dark Samba for Orchestra
Christopher Keyes - Veni Sancte Spiritus
David Kidwell - Shenandoah: A Symphonic Portrait
Anne C. Kilstofte - Requiem for Still Voices
Mark Kilstofte - Recurring Dreams: Variations for Orchestra
Steve Kornicki - Morning Star Rising
Raul Kottler - Snake River
Giorgio Koukl - Ceremony after a Fire Raid
Giorgio Koukl - Contest Piece
Giorgio Koukl - Diamond Head
Giorgio Koukl - Ideogrammi
Giorgio Koukl - Pandora's
John David Lamb - Barney & the Kidnappers
John David Lamb - Song & Dance
Jerry Lanning [arr] - 'Dolly' Suite Op. 56 by Faure
Jessica Locke - Reading of the Names 9/11: The Firefighters
Justin Locke [arr] - Peter VS the Wolf
Justin Locke [arr] - The Phantom of the Orchestra
John David Luker - Passacaglia in d minor
Les Marsden - 'American' Symphony on New and Old Tunes
Les Marsden - Concerto Burlesco for Trombone and Orchestra
Les Marsden - Concerto in g minor for Violin and Orchestra
Christopher Marshall - Chaconne
Christopher Marshall - Earthsong
Christopher Marshall - The Song of Gaia
Michael Matthews - Between the Wings of the Earth
Robert McCauley - ... - Pa '~sa``ca^li',,a ....
Robert McCauley - My American Childhood
Robert McCauley - SuperImposed, for Orchestra Winds
Paul Minotto - Tango On A Star
Paul Minotto - The Persistence of Memory
Lior Navok - Clarinet Concerto
Lior Navok - First-Fruits, a Symphonic Prelude
Lior Navok - Symphonic Bagatelles
Lior Navok - The Spanish Songs
Jose Hernandez And Jeff Nevin - Concerto for Mariachi and Orchestra, "Pasion Mexicana"
Jeffrey Nytch - Epilogue (In Memoriam Yitzhak Rabin)
Sean O'Boyle - Ballycroy [Baile Cruiach]
Sean O'Boyle - RiverSymphony
Sean O'Boyle - She Moved Through the Fair [from "The Celtic Suite"]
Sean O'Boyle - The Tale Of Peter Rabbit
Daniel O'Brien - Colorado Suite
Daniel O'Brien - The Pleiades
Jeff Olmsted - Songs of Rumi
William Perry - Graduation March
Mark Petering - Train & Tower
Charles Pizer - "Manhattan Impressions (Homage to Gershwin)"
Elizabeth Faw Hayden Pizer - "Elegy in Amber (In Memoriam Leonard Bernstein)"
William Price - Carry Me Home
Nick Raspa - On The Lake
Nick Raspa [arr] - Celtic Arms
Nick Raspa [arr] - The Kerry Dance, by Molloy
Nick Raspa [arr] - Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, by Shannon
Nick Raspa [arr] - We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Joseph Renzetti - "The 1912 Overture"
Lucas Richman - Hanukkah Festival Overture
Richard Rinehart - Ocean Depths
Steven L. Rosenhaus - Accordances (Symphony No. 2)
Steven L. Rosenhaus - Birkat haChamah (Blessing on the Sun)
Steven L. Rosenhaus - Cinematic Escapades
Steven L. Rosenhaus - Lute Concerto
Steven L. Rosenhaus - Violin Concerto
Bruce Craig Roter - A Camp David Overture (Prayer for Peace)
Bruce Craig Roter - In Memoriam: Flight 800
Bruce Craig Roter - TR: A "Bully" Portrait
William Rowland - Concertante for Strings, Glockenspiel and Blockflutes
William Rowland - Symphony No. 4
David Rubinstein - Chopsticks Variations
David Rubinstein - Short Piece with Tango Inside
Vivian Adelberg Rudow - Spirit of America
Tracey Rush [arr] - The Friendly Beasts
Sigurdur Saevarsson - Requiem
Sigurdur Saevarsson - Z-a love story (Opera)
David P. Sartor - Black Ball Counts Double
David P. Sartor - Metamorphic Fanfare
David P. Sartor - Portent and Apotheosis (revised 2000)
Guilherme Schroeter - Symphonic Moment
Amy Scurria - Beyond All Walking
Amy Scurria - Blessings of Liberty
Amy Scurria - La Loba
Amy Scurria - What the Soul Remembers
Donald Sosin And Joanna Seaton - The Day Before Christmas
Merton Shatzkin - In Memoriam
Merton Shatzkin - Mirrors
Merton Shatzkin - Short Suite
Mark G. Simon - Homeward Angels
Thomas Sleeper - Hana's Day Out
Thomas Sleeper - Symphony No. 1
Kile Smith - A Song of Sonia Sanchez
Kile Smith - Alabanza
Kile Smith - Four French Carols, for orchestra
Kile Smith - Four French Carols, for string orchestra
Kile Smith - Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins
Kile Smith - Psalm 46
Kile Smith - Symphony: Lumen ad revelationem
Kile Smith - The Three Graces
Kile Smith - The Voice of One Who Spoke
Kile Smith - Three Dances, for orchestra
Kile Smith - Three Dances, for string orchestra and percussion
Kile Smith - Variations on a theme of Schubert
Richard G. Smith - Fantasia for Chamber Orchestra
Richard G. Smith - Three Ancient Pieces
Steven C. Smith - Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra
Steven C. Smith - WATER
Kile Smith [arr] - A Mighty Fortress
Richard G. Smith [arr] - Salvation is Created by Pavel Chesnokov
Donald Sosin - Cinderella
Donald Sosin - Gita
Donald Sosin - Manhatta
Donald Sosin - Three Psalms for Orchestra
Donald Sosin [orch] - Joy Shall Be Yours in the Morning, by William Perry
Bradley Sowash - Fiddle Loops
Bradley Sowash - The Spirit of Christmas
Richard St.Clair - Ricercare
Robert Stine - In a Dark Wood(1980)
Robert Stine - Orchestra(1993) I-IV(1993)
Robert Stine - Orchestral Dance(1983)
Robert Stine - Second Symphony (1979)
Robert Stine - Symphony in One Movement (1976)
Robert Stine - Two Songs on Texts of W.B. Yeats(1977)
Ingrid Stoelzel - Into the Blue (2003)
Enid Sutherland - Daphne and Apollo Remade
Jerre Tanner - Aukele (The Swimmer)
Adam Taylor - Concerto for Soprano Saxophone in G minor
Adam Taylor - Intensity
Adam Taylor - Passacaglia in F# minor
Jim Theobald - A Sordid, Undefinable Stench: Five Tableaux after H. P. Lovecraft
Jim Theobald - Concerto for Flute
Jim Theobald - Concerto for Viola, Bass Drum, Prepared Piano and Winds (1978)
Jim Theobald - Parallel Universes
Jim Theobald - Plus Infinity
Jim Theobald - Symphony of American Folk Songs
Nancy Van De Vate - A Peacock Southeast Flew: Concerto for Pipa and Orchestra
Nancy Van De Vate - Adagio for Orchestra
Nancy Van De Vate - Chernobyl
Nancy Van De Vate - Concerto No. 2 for Violin and Orchestra
Nancy Van De Vate - Concerto No.1 for Violin and Orchestra
Nancy Van De Vate - Dark Nebulae
Nancy Van De Vate - Distant Worlds
Nancy Van De Vate - Journeys
Nancy Van De Vate - Krakow Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra
Nancy Van De Vate - Pura Besakih (Besakih Temple, Bali)
Nancy Van De Vate - Suite from Nemo
Nancy Van De Vate - Viola Concerto
Nancy Van De Vate - Western Front
Villa-Lobos - Harmonica Concerto
Terry Vosbein - A Prayer for Peace
Jay Vosk - Azscapes for Native American Flute and Chamber Orchestra
Jay Vosk - Pranks
Jay Vosk - Running The Rim
Jay Vosk - Sound Remembrances
Jay Vosk - Summerscape
Meira Warshauer - Ahavah (Love)
Meira Warshauer - Shabbat with King David
Emory Waters - Sinfonia Concertante in D major
Anthony Scott Watson - Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra
Alexander S. Weinstangel - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Fugue - An Introduction to the Form of Fugue for Young People
Robert Wendel - Commemoration
Robert Wendel - Fanfare For Freedom
Robert Wendel - Fantasia On "Yeroushalaim Chel Zahav" [Jerusalem Of Gold]
Robert Wendel - Parade Of The Percussionists
Robert Wendel - Ride Of The Headless Horseman
Robert Wendel - Santa Dear
Robert Wendel - Take Flight
Robert Wendel - The Pit And The Pendulum
Robert Wendel - The Tall Ships
Robert Wendel - Towers Of Light - An Elegy For Orchestra
Robert Wendel [arr] - A Stephen Foster Overture
Robert Wendel [arr] - An Evergreen Christmas
Robert Wendel [arr] - An Old Fashioned Summer
Robert Wendel [arr] - Back To The Fifties
Robert Wendel [arr] - Carol Of The Bells (Trad. Ukraine)
Robert Wendel [arr] - Christmas Through Children's Eyes
Robert Wendel [arr] - Christmas a la Valse
Robert Wendel [arr] - Coventry Carol
Robert Wendel [arr] - From Sea To Shining Sea
Robert Wendel [arr] - In The Manger
Robert Wendel [arr] - New York, New York (theme from) by Kander & Ebb
Robert Wendel [arr] - Orfeo's "Rockatta" (after Monteverdi)
Robert Wendel [arr] - Overtures by Jerry Herman to: Milk & Honey, Hello Dolly, Mame, Mack & Mabel, La Cage Aux Folles
Robert Wendel [arr] - Saint Bailey's Rag
Robert Wendel [arr] - Swing Ludwig, Swing!
Robert Wendel [arr] - The Armed Forces March
Robert Wendel [arr] - Viva Puccini
Robert Wendel [arr] - We Need A Little Christmas by Jerry Herman
Robert Wendel [arr] - When TV Was Young
Robert Wendel [ed] - Best Christmas Of All, by Jerry Herman / arr Larry Blank / voc. ed. Robert Wendel
Robert Wendel [ed] - Overture to "GYPSY", by Styne/Sondheim, orch: Sid Ramin
Craig Weston - Avatars
Adrian Williams - Concertino
Adrian Williams - Dies Irae
Adrian Williams - Leaves From The Lost Book
Adrian Williams - September Sky
Adrian Williams - Serenade for Strings
Adrian Williams - Symphonic Studies
Adrian Williams - Tess
Adrian Williams - The Doubting Light
Michael Glenn Williams - Princess Concerto
Michael Glenn Williams - Tarantella (Italian Holiday)
Peter Willsher - Helen Keller Symphony
John Winsor - Caribbean Sunset
John Winsor - Chamber Symphony
John Winsor - Concert Overture
John Winsor - Essay III
John Winsor - Essay II
John Winsor - Essay I
John Winsor - Intrada
John Winsor - Pavane
John Winsor - Reflections
John Winsor - Reverie
John Winsor - Romance
John Winsor - Serenade for Strings
John Winsor - The Faerie Queen
Robert Ian Winstin - "Piano Concerto #2" (1994)
Robert Ian Winstin - "Scherzo Burlesque"
Raymond Wojcik - Closer To Home
Raymond Wojcik - Jubilee
Gernot Wolfgang - ALPINE STORY
Gernot Wolfgang - CONTINUUM III - Fantasies for a Blue Bassoon
Gernot Wolfgang - CONTINUUM IV - Cascades
Gernot Wolfgang - DESERT WIND
David Wolfson - Deep Woods: The Unicorn Sings to Memory
Mark Zuckerman - Out of the Wilderness
Mark Zuckerman - Theme Song

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