Orchestralist System Pages at Yahoo


Our system pages allow you to change the way your mail is delivered, view posts on the web, and vote in active polls.

You gain full access to the system pages by signing in (see below). This activates the site for all your other tasks. Instructions appear below. Links are provided to open separate windows on the pages you need.

Sign In

Sign in by clicking the "Sign In" text at the upper right corner of the main page. Sign in. (If you do not already have a Yahoo ID and password, the system will first prompt you to invent them.)

The main page is now activated.

Delivery Options

To change your mail options, click Delivery Options on the upper right side of the page. Select the mail option you want: Regular Mail, Daily Digest, or No Mail-View on the Web.

Save the changes.

Click here to view a short list of addresses that covers everything you need for Orchestralist.

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